Apple Cheddar Galette with Onion Jam

It’s officially apple season, and while Napa Valley seems a little confused as to whether it wants to leave summer behind, these blush and crimson gems are here for the picking. Equally delicious in savory and sweet dishes, there’s plenty to love about this seasonal favorite.

Apple Cheddar Galette with Onion Jam2023-10-16T16:28:29-07:00

Zucchini Fritters with Tzatziki

There's a bounty of zucchini sprouting up in home gardens, filling farmers market tables, and spilling from grocery shelves. If you're looking for new ways to utilize this abundant green vegetable, consider turning to crispy, crunchy fritters topped with Greek Tzatziki-- a cooling treat for these waning days of August heat.

Zucchini Fritters with Tzatziki2023-10-09T10:15:20-07:00

NVCS Roasted Cherry & Balsamic Relish

With farmers markets overflowing with plump, glistening orbs of sweet, tart cherries, this recipe is a way to preserve the flavor of summer into later months.

NVCS Roasted Cherry & Balsamic Relish2023-10-09T10:15:53-07:00
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