Summertime Wines & Foods to Pair

Friday Jun 18, 2021
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

 Traci Dutton

Farmers markets, barbeque, fresh foods, family and friends. What's missing? Fabulous wines! In this class you'll learn about warm weather refreshers, easy ways to serve wines at backyard or beach parties, dig into why we like to "Think Pink" when the thermometer is red, and come up with the best times to pull out the oldest and best in your cellar even if your guests are in shorts and flip flops. Starting with a little summer school on wine tasting, we'll then riff on all the wonderful foods to pair with each. Registration for this class is for two (2) people.
Demonstration Tasting - Cost: $150 - #77255 - (Register Online)


Convenient registration options include online, by mail or over the phone at 707-967-2901. Register online now..