Throughout the curriculum, we emphasize the responsibility of a chef to provide food that is safe to the consumer and respectful of the environment. Students learn how to reduce daily waste with composting and recycling, care for a flock of rare and heritage breed hens, and nurture a rare-seed, organic garden. We lead by example, purchasing local, organic and sustainable foods and providing our students with only the best possible ingredients with which to train.


Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Priority is given to qualified applicants who submit all of their application materials by April for September enrollment. For more information, review application requirements and enrollment deadlines.


Each year students from around the world are welcomed into the program. We offer them the unique experience of training to become a professional chef in the rich location of the Napa Valley. Please review the Admissions Requirements for International Students.


During orientation students will meet all school staff and tour the campus. Uniforms, knife kits, policies and procedures manuals, and schedules will be distributed.  The chefs will provide an overview of the curriculum and grading policies.  There will be a financial aid seminar for those students who are seeking assistance.